1. Click on "How To Get Started" (SEE BOX BELOW) and fill out the "Application and Request Form"
2. We will contact you to confirm your order
3. Choose the Hiring Campaign that works for you - Click on box at the bottom of the Page "Hiring  
     Campaign Details
" for more information

  • Basic- $299
  • Upgrade - $499 - Recommended for Managers or challenging markets
  • Premium - $999 - Recommended for Executives - Deducted from hiring fee of $3999 and up If hired

We will start the Hiring Campaign as soon as we receive your investment and start the process to provide you with "Qualified Candidates".  We will screen all candidates and conduct a telephone interview (Some positions require your approval first). You will receive the following:
   1. Candidate application/resume
   2. Sales Simulator® Executive Summary showing recommendation and the candidate's scores in Closing,            Motivation, Empathy and Investigation traits (Sales and Management positions)
   3. Interview Results with notes and scores of the candidate showing the level of risk derived from                      the interview (certain positions)
   4. Risk Assessment Calculator results showing the level of risk associated with hiring the candidate                              (certain positions)
   5. Pay Per Click Marketing (Upgrade & Premium hiring packages)

Agree to the terms which simply states, "You agree to pay us the day the candidate starts". If for 
       any reason the candidate does not remain employed for 30 days we will provide you
       with  another candidate at NO-CHARGE (See Terms of Service for details)
* See Terms of Service for rules that apply